Oak Ridge Sports Boosters - Oak Ridge High School, El Dorado Hills, California


Funds Redistribution - Oak Ridge High School Sports Boosters - El Dorado Hills, CA

Board Team Distribution

Each Board member is given the authority to designate a beneficiary team(s) in recognition for their volunteerism in supporting the board job. Two redistributions (50% in January, and 50% in May), and can be shared across multiple teams as so directed by the respective board member.


Membership Distribution

The membership drive runs the full year and is a 100% donation to cover the general expenses of the club, with the remainder to be shared equitably between all of the teams based on the percentage of families affiliated with the sport who have become members. The club will match the funds raised by teams in their individual fundraisers up to $1000, if 70% of team families are club members at any level. This matching is prorated to actual % of membership goal, team fundraising, and available funds after general expenses and membership redistributions 1 and 2. Payout in May. All fundraisers must be approved by AD.


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